Drawing Map



 Although the pictures are not clear enough, there is a small gap between the tips of the coastlines. In 1998, when I started using this method, I was working on the compatibility with crossing lines as a matter of painting. It was totally unacceptable that when a drawing finished, the drawing line became just a shape of something. Bottles were the subjects at that moment.The idea of drawing maps appeared without particular reasons. However I found the works really essential afterwards as I realized the similarity between drawing lines and moving upon the land. In 2002 I drew the places I am familiar with such as Tokyo bay, Taiwan Island and Malay Peninsula.Peninsulas often can be seen on maps. When I travel, I feel that island and lakes are parts of a peninsula, that is to say I feel that the outline is not closed. This notion is really important for my understanding of time and actions.

A sailing-chart composed of personal belongings


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