Solo Show 2002


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Arriving at the destination, he found out that it was not the place where he was heading for... It is a sort of experience that we are apt to have. While our surroundings change at dizzying speed everyday, I believe that the destination doesn't mean much. In my drawing maps, lines jump over each other boldly. Lines never overlap one another. In my drawings, no destination is reached. The original idea of this series is "the incongruity of overlapping lines," which originated from a question in painting. What interest me in such a situation, are my surroundings, encounters, and a sense of speed, that is, a sense of going somewhere. Contradictorily, things that are clear in existence and closer to my nature, are mysterious at the same time, and look transcendental to me. At the exhibition, those that I personally feel obvious but mysterious are arranged as they are, such as a used yacht that I recently obtained, my game of "go" with my father, and dissection of a crow.


8 Balls Pride
Rabbit Parade
¡No Pasarán!
Insects War of Racism
Cavity 現代的虫歯
Lantern 原子炉走馬灯
Island of Nuclides
Prey 首相と支持者
Galley ガレー船
Portolan chart
Treasure - Chocopie
Diary of a bird
Nomadism 遊牧
Sea Cucumber なまこ
Globes in the sky
Clam landscape アサリ
Wave drawing
Turbin shell サザエ史観
Drawing map
Shippou-Mari 七宝毬
Cicada's eclosion and I
Ferriswhee 観覧車
Game of GO
Fetisism 物神
Free Man
Endless drawing
Aquarium 水族館