Lantern of Nuclear Reactor 原子炉走馬灯



Lantern of Nuclear Reactor: Tale of Hoca (series of three)

2013 paper, wood, light bulb, cellophane sheet, watercolour 60 x 60 x H60cm

A 13th century Sufi mystic and philosopher, Nasreddin Hoca (pronounced ho-jah), was popular for his anecdotes and witticisms. Three of them are illustrated by the lanterns’ revolving images and inscribed upon their base. The form of the lanterns, each titled Rubbish, Shame and Pain, is an unlikely but nevertheless elegant synthesis between the Japanese revolving paper lantern, the earliest known steam-powered turbine documented by Ottoman polymath Taqi al-Din, and a simplified model of a modern light-water nuclear reactor. Multiple scientific and technological influences from both the East and West have their confluence in the words of Hoca that may signal either a renewal of knowledge or a regression towards anachronistic wisdom.


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