A sailing-chart composed of personal belongings

ヨットで旅する想像上のルート。 それらの地図は私の身の回りの品が封入され、海岸線は浮き上がっています。 進みゆく間に全てが変化し、目的地は失われ続けます。


I had an assumption that I would sail from Japan on the coastline to Red Sea by a sailing dinghy. This installation is showing the actual sailing dinghy and the maps, which were created according to the navigation route of it. These maps are a little bizarre. My personal belongings are encapsulated in each of them, so the line of landform comes to above. These are the maps, on which we lose the destination. In this rapidly changing world, each of our destinations might continue being lost. I have portrayed the feeling of incomprehensibility to live in the present as maps and I will go on a voyage to the new territory.


8 Balls Pride
Rabbit Parade
¡No Pasarán!
Insects War of Racism
Cavity 現代的虫歯
Lantern 原子炉走馬灯
Island of Nuclides
Prey 首相と支持者
Galley ガレー船
Portolan chart
Treasure - Chocopie
Diary of a bird
Nomadism 遊牧
Sea Cucumber なまこ
Globes in the sky
Clam landscape アサリ
Wave drawing
Turbin shell サザエ史観
Drawing map
Shippou-Mari 七宝毬
Cicada's eclosion and I
Ferriswhee 観覧車
Game of GO
Fetisism 物神
Free Man
Endless drawing
Aquarium 水族館