Solo Show 2002


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Arriving at the destination, he found out that it was not the place where he was heading for... It is a sort of experience that we are apt to have.�@While our surroundings change at dizzying speed everyday, I believe that the destination doesn't mean much. In my drawing maps, lines jump over each other boldly.�@Lines never overlap one another. In my drawings, no destination is reached.�@The original idea of this series is "the incongruity of overlapping lines," which originated from a question in painting. What interest me in such a situation, are my surroundings, encounters, and a sense of speed, that is, a sense of going somewhere.�@Contradictorily, things that are clear in existence and closer to my nature, are mysterious at the same time, and look transcendental to me. At the exhibition, those that I personally feel obvious but mysterious are arranged as they are, such as a used yacht that I recently obtained, my game of "go" with my father, and dissection of a crow.


8 Balls Pride
Rabbit Parade
¡No Pasarán!
Insects War of Racism
Cavity ����I����
Lantern ���q�F���n��
Island of Nuclides
Prey �񑊂Ǝx����
Galley �K���[�D
Portolan chart
Treasure - Chocopie
Diary of a bird
Nomadism �V�q
Sea Cucumber �Ȃ܂�
Globes in the sky
Clam landscape �A�T��
Wave drawing
Turbin shell �T�U�G�j��
Drawing map
Shippou-Mari ����{
Cicada's eclosion and I
Ferriswhee �ϗ���
Game of GO
Fetisism ���_
Free Man
Endless drawing
Aquarium ������